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A European blue card can be obtained for highly qualified foreign citizens who wish to work in Germany and who correspond correctly to their qualifications. Please note that if you wish to change jobs within the first two years of the issuance of the European Blue Card, you must obtain permission from the Foreigners` Office. People with a European blue card can obtain a permanent residence permit if: The conditions of the EU blue card are: Note: The Office of Foreigners will seek the approval of the Federal Employment Agency if necessary. Before travelling to Germany, you must apply for a national visa in your home country. The representation of the Federal Republic of Germany involves the competent foreigners` office. As part of the visa procedure, you must provide information about your place of work in Germany. This will allow the authorities to check whether the Federal Employment Agency should give its consent. You can receive the European blue card for up to four years in the first edition. If your employment contract is less than four years, you will receive the credit card for the duration of the employment contract plus three months. We make sure you feel at home if you do business in Germany! 2. Member States apply different methods for the implementation of the LMT.

In general, employers and public employment services would play an important role. The duration of the verification process varies from Member State to Member State. The European Blue Card is the main residence permit issued to foreign graduates. This is a simple and non-bureaucratic procedure for third-country nationals who want to use their talents in Germany. Conditions: Applicants must prove that they have graduated from higher education and that they have obtained a job offering a gross annual salary of at least 55,200 euros (2020). Eu Blue Cards by citizenship in 2014 – Top 20 (112 nationalities in total) The European Blue Card is a temporary residence permit issued in principle for a period of four years. If the duration of the employment contract is less than four years, the European blue card is issued for the duration of the employment contract, plus three months. It can be extended if the requirements are met. For any change of employment during the first two years of employment, an authorization from the appropriate immigration office is required. The conditions for issuing the credit card will then be reviewed.

The vast majority of legal foreigners in Germany are in the country with one of the standard residence permits issued by the German authorities, which allow them to live in Germany (as well as their rightful family members) while working for a German company or studying in a German school. In most cases, the stay is also granted to UNION citizens and spouses of German nationals. A profession must be regulated when access and exercise depend on the possession of a specific professional qualification. For more information, please visit the EU database on regulated professions in the EU internal market. European Blue Card Directive European Commission Proposal to amend the European Blue Card Directive Information on the proposal New EU Blue CardIntra Corporate Transferee The Netherlands Immigration Office Information on the EU Blue CardEU – FR provides for the possibility of using this exemption through a regulation that is not currently in force. MT: at least 10 years of professional experience. You are considered a highly skilled worker if you have an employment contract of at least one year and you meet the conditions below.