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9 options for the customer`s business include: E A afforded 14 Customer/Enrolled Affiliate Only/Customered Affiliate and all affiliate customers/Enrolled Affiliates and the following affiliates: If you choose this, you will be asked to choose each affiliate that must be included. Customer/affiliate affiliates and all affiliates, excluding the following partners: If you select this, you will be asked to select any affiliates that should be excluded. A subsidiary is a company whose parent company owns more than 50% of the company. In the Manage Affiliates table contain or exclude the first two Affiliates options based on their current and future status. With the third option, you can include the customer and only the affiliates you want to include in this agreement. NOTE: If your client`s organization has acquired new partners since the beginning of the agreement, you need to determine whether they should be included. Choose Contact 1. To assign participant roles as contractual contacts, click the Select Contacts button. Waiting for follow-up after a contract is sent can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

Every day feels like an eternity. We`ve all gone through the crazy process of sending a contract and chasing your client to make sure he receives it, reads it, accepts it, signs it and sends it back. After you have recovered your signed contract, you often have to sign it in-house and place it in a “safe place.” This whole river can last for weeks. 8 Save a design At each stage of creating a contract package, you can click the Save button in the top right corner of the menu bar to save your draft contract. Then you can come back and complete it later. Previous Agreements The first step in creating a contract is to determine whether this agreement is part of insurance renewal software. 1. Select the Pre-Arranged button. 2. Choose yes or no to confirm whether the new agreement you are creating is part of insurance renewal (SA) software. A gr e t u`s r i of 12 Choose Organizations 1. Select the Select Organizations button.

2. Click Search/New to add details about the partner associated with this package. 3. Enter the distributor`s organization name or public customer number. 4. Click Search. 5. Click on the appropriate organization and click Select. You can choose from the customer/registration companies to define one of the definition options for the company and the client`s affiliates.

Imagine that you work for months at the closing of a client who finally agrees to accept a proposal. You are working a few days to draft the perfect proposal, just to let this proposal get lost in the snail mail. You contact your client a week later to see if they have any questions, and find that they haven`t even seen your proposal yet.