12 Apr

COOPERATIVE is responsible for the quality and use of the food served, the sanitary facilities in the canteen, the proper use of the facilities and the provision of their canteen for laboratory purposes for students, in accordance with the requirements of the designated teacher in home economics. CONSIDERING that DepEd Regulation 8, see 2007, provides revised enforcement guidelines for the management and operation of school canteens in public primary and secondary schools, including those managed and managed by COOPERATIVE; The dean appoints a housekeeper who continues to use the school canteen as a laboratory for students. He/She sets the curriculum for students who will train in the school canteen. It ensures that this timetable is strictly adhered to. He/she also ensures the full participation of students in the planning, purchase, handling and storage, preparation, service and sale of safe and nutritious meals as part of their laboratory classes. COOPERATIVE appoints a member of the teacher`s council who consults with schools designated as housekeepers on appointment activities in the co-op cafeteria. (1) The responsibilities of DepEdThe DepEd allow THE COOPERATIVE, in an appropriate area inside the school grounds, the rent at the signing of this MOA. 5.7 All canteen staff, including student practitioners, must be trained in the correct and safe use of food before they can work in the canteen. 5.8 No portion of the net income from canteen activities is in any way donated to regional, departmental or regional offices. The deed cannot permit the operation of another canteen and other forms of food that are not authorized by a party, with the exception of the school-run canteen or the laboratory canteen, in the case of the secondary school, on the site of the establishment, nor access to street vendors and other unsupervised and unregulated food sources.

THE COOPERATIVE keeps the deped free and free of all debts and damage that may result from the operation and management of the school canteen.