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In fact, the document you`re looking at is coded into a certain DTD called HTML. In this case, the “compiler” or document editor is your web browser, designed for processing text documents encoded with HTML tags. (Other programs could be developed, which also deal with HTML and other DTDs.) IBM and many large and small businesses convert documents into SGML or, more recently, XML, each with its own definition of corporate document type or set of definitions. For corporate intranets and extranets, the definition of HTML type of document offers a new “language” in which everyone can format and read documents universally. Companies wishing to promote a higher amount of DTD and/or an appropriate timetable must do so convincingly and provide sufficient evidence to support their argument and include this documentation as part of the technical proposal. A document type definition (DtD) is a specific document that defines and limits definitions or instructions that conform to the rules of standard generalized markup language (SGML) or Extensible Markup Language (XML), a subset of SGML. A DTD is a specification that is attached to a document and identifies what are the fun little codes (or marks) that, in the case of a text document, separate paragraphs, identify theme titles, etc. and how each should be treated. By sending a DTD with a document, each location with a DTD “reader” (or “SGML compiler”) can process and display or print the document as intended. This means that a single standard SGML compiler can use many types of documents that use a number of different marking codes and associated meanings. The compiler reviews the DTD and prints or displays the document accordingly.

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