08 Apr

The City of Kitchener has implemented a BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT POLICY (June 1999) to promote appropriate behaviour and activities in all parks and recreation facilities. Behaviours and activities that interfere with or interfere with the right of others to use and enjoy recreational and recreational services are unacceptable and prohibited. The KMBA executive assured its players, coaches and referees that they would provide them with a safe environment in the ball park so that they could carry out their tasks and tasks in the way they were trained. The goal of the Kitchener Minor Baseball Association is to provide our players, parents, referees and coaches with a fair, safe and enjoyable environment. We are free of illegal, offensive, degrading or abusive behaviour, or in any other way. This code of conduct applies to players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators with a section applicable to each section. Approval of this code of conduct binds the signatory to all sections applicable to it. See nbcbaseball.com/ for a complete game plan and locations. The player-coach relationship is privileged. Coaches play a crucial role in the personal and sporting development of their players. You must understand and respect the power imbalance inherent in this relationship and be extremely careful not to abuse it.

Coaches must also realize that they are channels that channel the values and goals of Kitchen Minor Baseball. Thus, a player who plays baseball often depends on the behavior of the coach. We will be using POINTSTREAK for our live gaming streams this year. You can download the app. OR you can go to www.pointstreak.com; Click on baseball, then search for hutchinson Monarchs. To track the heights one after the other, it is best to use the full website. We are part of the Collegiate League. This code of conduct is designed to help trainers achieve a level of behaviour that allows them to help their players become well rounded, confident and productive citizens.