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Make more informed investment decisions with advice and access to workable knowledge, updates and timely investment ideas from BofA Global Research, Chief Investment Office, CFRA (powered by S-P Global) and Morningstar to help you decide when it`s the right time to buy, sell or stop. This form allows you to confirm that the client can read and understand English. and that written documents, agreements and information (called “materials” in common) relating to their relationship with Merrill Lynch, including products, services, transactions and other general account data, are generally provided in English; and from time to time, we can provide you with material translations into Spanish or Mandarin.p> Get up to $600 if you invest in a new Merrill Edge Self-Direct account. Enjoy an innovative online experience with an overview of step-by-step instructions, as well as graphics tools and customizable features that have been developed for you in mind. . Active traders will like Merrill Edge MarketPro®, a customizable trading platform with real-time market analysis and knowledge. . This form is used to deliver certain securities from your Merrill Edge account to another financial institution. Flexible tools can help you select investments and create a balanced portfolio.

This form allows you to assign or update recipient names for the TRADITIONAL, Rollover and Roth IRA accounts that are managed with us. You can also use this form to change the names of beneficiaries of Merrill Lynch Education AccountSM Education IRA, BASIC (Keogh Plus), SEP, SRA (Simple IRA), Retirement Selector – 403 (b) (7) and Medical Security Accounts (MSA) accounts. . Fill out this form to check your address if you are applying online for a new account. . . . This form is used to allow account holders to add a trusted person who can contact Merrill Edge with questions or concerns about the fate or integrity of the account owner.

Use this form to complete your request to pay funds from your 529 account. . This form allows you to register your 529 account with the automated finance service or update existing automated financing instructions on your 529 account. . This combined form gives you the ability to authorize recurrent asset transfers between accounts, cheque issues or securities transfers. It also allows you to set instructions for executing a transfer from the Federal Fund on an on-demand basis or on a regular basis. You can complete your application online in minutes. You can finance immediately from your linked Bank of America account. Did you know that your merrill portfolio can help you get benefits for Bank of America Preferred Rewards? Members benefit from programs such as credit card payment bonuses, discounts on home and auto loans, selection of bank fee exemptions and more. Use this form to complete your application to grant a third party online access to your account. ..