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Pre-marriage agreements, legal agreements for the allocation of assets in the event of the breakdown of the relationship, have been used for a long time. Whether you are ready to create your post-uptial agreement or have some preliminary questions, contact Fiona with the following details for legal aid. Post-nuptial agreements can help couples manage their assets in the event of separation. However, as noted above, they are not unchallenged. If you are considering a post-uptial agreement, it is important that you receive legal advice. This, as well as ensuring that the other party also has independent legal advice, can help protect any agreement from future challenges. In addition, a lawyer can help in the development of an agreement. This helps to cover all relevant assets and ensures that the document uses clear and precise legal terminology. As with marital arrangements, it can be difficult for you to discuss a post-uptiale agreement with your spouse/partner. While it`s certainly not a topic of romantic conversation if your living conditions have changed dramatically since their marriage or entry into a registered partnership, you may think it`s necessary to protect your financial interests accordingly. Ms Sajid said: “In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of post-nups and agreements after people have arrived jointly.

If you are in a marriage, you should consider a binding legal agreement to protect pre-marital property. Contrary to popular belief, marital agreements are considered enforceable in Scotland as long as they are fair and reasonable at the time of their collusion. They are generally used to provide additional protection to a person married to predetermined assets. Marital agreements can also determine how the property is treated as a detached house in the event of divorce or dissolution. Our family lawyers are happy to advise you on all aspects of these agreements. We are increasingly informed in marital agreements that affect more than one jurisdiction, as more and more couples have assets or interests in or with more than one country. The situation in England is very different from that of Scotland, and our doubly qualified know-how allows us to provide comprehensive advice so that you can make informed decisions in time before the big day. Premarital and post-marital agreements (often referred to as prenups and posts) are a practical step that can be taken to protect a person`s property in the event of a divorce.

We offer specialized post-uptal legal advice for: While the actual content of a post-uptial agreement will depend to a large extent on the circumstances and preferences of the couple concerned, they will essentially be used to cover the division of ownership and spousal support in the case of one of the following events: Head of Department Amanda Masson handles a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, life unions and child train cases.