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In software development, a functional specification (including functional specifications or functional specifications or document functional specifications (FSDs) is the set of documentation describing the behavior of a computer program or a larger software system. The documentation usually describes different entries that can be made available to the software system and how the system reacts to those inputs. Although there is a tendency to think that the “specifications of a drawing” deviate from the drawings in the event of a discrepancy between the text document and the drawings, the actual intent must be explicitly stated in the contract between the owner and the contractor. The Standard AIA (American Institute of Architects) and the EJCDC (Engineering Joint Contract Documents Documents Committee) stipulate that the drawings and specifications are complementary and together provide the information necessary for a complete installation. Many public bodies, such as the Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC), indicate that the specifications announced the designs. This is based on the idea that words are easier for a jury (or mediator) to interpret than drawings in the event of a dispute. In the development of the system (material, software or enterprise), an architectural specification is documentation that describes the structure, behavior and other points of view of this system. A program specification is the definition of what is expected of a computer program. It may be informal, in which case it can be considered a manual of use from the developer`s point of view, or formally, in this case, it defined a particular meaning in mathematical or programmatic terms.

In practice, many successful specifications are written to understand and optimize already well-developed applications, although critical security software systems are often carefully specified before the application is developed. Specifications are the most important for external interfaces that need to remain stable. Specifications and other standards can be imposed outside, as described above, but also internal manufacturing and quality specifications. These exist not only for food or pharmaceutical products, but also for processing machines, quality processes, packaging, logistics (cold chain), etc. and are exemplary according to ISO 14134 and ISO 15609. [22] [23] Specifications in Egypt are part of the contractual documents. The National Centre for Housing Research and Construction (HBRC) is responsible for the development of specifications and building codes. The HBRC has published more than 15 books on construction work such as earthworks, plastering, etc. Web service specifications are often under the aegis of a quality management system. [29] If a pharmaceutical product is not covered by the above standards, it can be evaluated using the additional source of pharmacopoeia from other countries, industrial specifications or a standardized formula, for example. B if two applications share Unicode data, but use different normal forms or use poorly, inconsistently or without a common interoperability specification, errors and data loss can occur.

For example, Mac OS X has many components that only prefer or need disassembled characters (therefore, only Unicode encodings disassembled with UTF-8 are called “UTF8-MAC”).