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Elya willingly accepts and enthusiastically follows Mrs. Zeroni`s instructions – until the last morning, when he does not bring the pig back to the mountain one last time. It is found that it is exactly the same weight as its pork rival. When Myra is unable to choose between her two suitors, Elya is outraged and realizes that she is really shallow. He buys a ticket to a boat to America and leaves as fast as possible and forgets to keep his promise to Mrs. Zeroni. Although he finds a wonderful woman in America, Elya will follow bad luck because of the curse; bad luck leads Yelnat`s family to Stanley Yelnat IV, who holds his problems responsible for his great-great-grandfather. Stanley finds something more interesting than fossils when they dig into the lake bed: a golden cylinder that the boys think could be a ball case, but which is actually a tube of lipstick belonging to the Outlaw Kissin`Kate Barlow. As promised, Stanley gives the X-Ray object and advises him to hand it over the next morning so that he can free himself from a whole day instead of half an afternoon.

X-Ray reacts with gratitude to this advice, and Stanley`s status in the camp increases: he moves to a place in the waterline. But why associate yellow spot lizards with the curse of the Yelnats family described in chapter 7? Curses are important to the novel because they symbolize how a person or a family`s past can infect and spoil the present and how bad luck can follow people from generation to generation. Some people use curses, as we will learn later, to explain mistakes and bad luck on the outside. In general, modern society does not believe in the magic or power of curses, and that is why Zachare compares a curse to a yellow-spotted lizard: both can be extremely dangerous, but neither is believed by “many people. When Elya realized that he had wasted his time with this “flower pot”, he declared: “Married Igor! You can keep my pig as a wedding present! He tore the flowers he brought to her and left. The source of the song that first appeared in Chapter 3 – the one that begins with the nostalgic chorus “If only” reveals itself in chapter 7 that she comes from Latvia, was transported to America and translated by Elya Yelnats and his American wife Sarah Miller. This song is central to the identity of the Yelnats family, since it has been passed down from generation to generation: it is its connection to its past, and it also seems to have a magical aura infused by the magical Madame Zeroni. The texts also seem to capture a sense of regret that is part of the sensibility of the Yelnats family: they always wish, like Elya, that things could have gone differently and that the past could be rewritten and set to music.

Teenager Stanley Yelnat IV lives in Texas with his family, who was cursed for being unlucky – a misfortune they blame for the fact that his ancestor Elya did not keep a promise made to a soothsayer in Latvia years ago. One day, Stanley is wrongly arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers that were donated by a famous baseball player to charity. After his conviction, Stanley decided to visit Camp Green Lake, a juvenile prison, rather than serve his time in prison. After taking responsibility for the theft of Mr. Sir`s sunflower seed, Stanley was taken to the supervisor`s house, where old posters and newspapers made him think that “KB” meant “Kissin`Kate” Barlow, a teacher at the school that dates back to the past. Walker asks Stanley to pack his box of nail polish and mentions that it contains rattlesnake venom. After he and Mr. explained what happened to the sunflower seeds, Walker hurts Mr.